Improving the Performance of Radiators in Devon with a Power Flush Service

From time to time your heating system and radiators can become clogged, impacting their overall performance. Eradicate any issue with the team at Acoll Heating and Plumbing Ltd. 

Based in Devon, our team utilise 10 years’ experience in providing a sufficient power flush service in Torbay, Exeter, and the surrounding areas. A power flush is designed to ensure your heating systems are working at their most efficient, without blockages. If your system is slow to heat up or not feeling as powerful as usual, a powerflush may be the answer. One of our expert engineers will swiftly arrive at your property to assess your situation, always ensuring a power flush improves the performance of your system for longer.


Our Power Flush Service

Sludge in your heating system and radiators can prevent your appliances from getting warm or working at all, a system power flush is the most effective option. Power flushing is important to ensure that your radiators are functioning at their best.

We offer a variety of heating controls to suit your individual needs, with our engineers coming to your property to inspect the boiler and radiators and advise if a power flush will be the most effective solution. 

Our team will offer you a free quotation on our services, as well as offering your magnetic filters to keep your system clean all year round.


To comprehensively clean your radiators and heating system contact us, providing a power flush service to customers in Torbay, Exeter and the surrounding areas from our base in Devon.